the name is TIME

Posted: May 26, 2012 in bucil story

do you know how 70 years of your life spent?

an average of 25 years to sleep, 8 years for education, 6 years to rest and sick, 7 years to recreation and holiday, 5 years for communication, 4 years to eat, and 4 years for transition, that is, doing preparation to do all of the above activities.

so, the only remaining 12 years to work.

charles scwab, a billionare from amerika, paying a consultant as much as $25000 in 1936 just to give advise how to use the valuable resources that could not be taken anytime. and the consultant advise is start every day with a list of ‘have to do’, be priority some urgent thing and leave that is not essential.

‘cos TIME never BACK again


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